Lunch Time Concert: The Mountains Of Myang Li

Jazz Funk artists, The Mountains of Myang Li, return to the Djanogly Lunch Time Concert series to raise money for this months charity, The Firebird Trust.

16/10/2012- Djanogly Recital Hall

It’s not everyday that you see a group of grown men in onesies parading around a stage filled with microwaves, ironing boards and a fridge, and its probably an even rarer occurrence to see all this and be serenaded by some filthy funk at the same time.


The Mountains of Myang Li formed spontaneously at the end of last year, and after their debut performance was a huge success they decided to whip out their dirty combination of jazz, funk and daytime tv to wow us again.

It is safe to say that Myang Li did not disappoint with the second part of their odyssey which remained as bizarre and eccentric as the first. Entertaining as ever, their fresh combination of jazz and funk was inspired by a whole number of truly random sources, from Countdown to Ben Dover.


Beyond the dramatics and ridiculous costumes there is no denying that all of these guys are amazing musicians. Their semi- improvised solos demonstrate their musical creativity and instrumental prowess. And who doesn’t love a good synth solo?

The Mountains of Myang Li have certainly found themselves a fan base amongst the students of the University of Nottingham and we certainly have high expectations for part 3…Cassocks, onesies, leather trousers, we can’t wait to see what’s next!