We’ve Gone Bananas

The hunt is on for Britain’s fruitiest uni. Lucy Smith reports

The Tab has always known the value of a decent five-a-day, but not since Eve spoiled it for everyone has fruit caused such a stir. But surprisingly it has become a potential fashion craze…

We’ve recently discovered you can make your own printed t-shirts using fruit and vegetables. Yes, it is crazier than it sounds.

All you have to do is boil up a plain t-shirt with water, vinegar and fruit or vegetables of your choice and wait for your t-shirt to change colour. Apparently making a perfect fruit or vegetable coloured tint.

I am pretty sure as soon as I put my clothing into the washing machine the colour would fade immediately, if the colour even sticks to it in the first place. Finally who can really be bothered to stand by a hob for 2 hours watching a £2 t-shirt change colour?

I am all for DIY but I think when it comes to this I would rather leave it to the professionals. So where can we get our fashion five-a-day from? Does the runway have the answer?

Fruit and vegetables were all over the 2012 catwalks with fruity inspired designs from Dolce & Gabanna, Moschino, Rosella, Jardini and Molto Italiano. But is designer very student friendly? Can we really see ourselves waltzing into campus wearing a Dolce&Gabanna shift dress that will cost us our whole rent for the year? No, that’s not very student friendly at all.

I decided to take my search for my fruity fix to the High Street and found QCumber, a fruit and vegetable inspired clothing line. Set up by two Oxford students their vision had students and fruit and vegetables in mind. A company that was the result of a food fight, they are definitely student proof.

With several bright colours and fruit and veg designs to choose from, they are perfect for those days when you’re hungover, can’t find anything to wear or are simply freezing and refusing to put the heating on.

I think I am going to hold off with making my own fruit and vegetable clothing for now, stop ogling over designers I can’t afford and might head over to www.qcumber.co.uk to get my fashion five-a-day instead. Rumour has it they are even offering students 10% off with the code NOTTINGHAM at the check out too. Jackpot!

They are also running a competition to find Britain’s fruitiest uni. To be perfectly honest, we’re not exactly sure what that means, but we’d give this lot a squeeze!

Click here to vote for Nottingham. You’re in line to win a free jumper if you do.

This one’s titled: ‘Put ’em up Bananaman’

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