Aunty Em: The Demanding Boyfriend

Got a problem? Speak to our very own Aunty Em. In her first column, she deals with the problem of the demanding boyfriend…

To my beloved readers, if you’ve any issues in your life, get in touch with Aunty Em. Known to attract drama, it’s time to put my experience to good use. Love life, sex life, work life, you name it, Aunty Em is here to help.

It doesn’t matter how major or minor you’re problem is, I’ll see if I can sort it out. From friends with benefits, to long distance boyfriends, to I just can’t remember what happened last night, I’ll see what I can do. As a third year, I’m getting old and with age comes wisdom and…experience.

Don’t be put off though, although I’m a third year, it doesn’t mean I live in Hallward, not yet anyway.

When she says she has been there, she means it…




Our latest problem is from a second year with a rather demanding boyfriend, although unfortunately not in the way she might prefer…



Dear Aunty Em,

My boyfriend is 27 and I’m in second year. Although it’s not a massive age gap I’m really starting to notice it. He gets funny about me going on nights out and just my general guy friends up here.

He’s already been up here this term but was antisocial to say the least. I’ve only been with him for six months and I’ve still got a year left of uni, I don’t want to be with someone who’s dragging my back. I do really like him but am wondering if I’d have a bit more freedom without him.


Dear troubled reader,

Lets get this straight, you do uni once. Unless of course you really do go to ocean one too many times and have to start again. But you’re right, 27 isn’t really a big gap. In terms of where he is however, he’s probably trying to get his life sorted, get a house, a proper job etc. etc. Quite far from us students who are of course always trying to find ways of how not to leave uni.

He needs to realise your life often revolves around hangovers, cheesy chips and the odd lecture. You say he visited and didn’t really socialise, well maybe it’s time to tell him to go hard or go home. If he’s not willing to get involved when Baywatch comes on, it’s time for a serious chat. If you were to regain your freedom as such, you’ve got to think how you’d feel both on a night out but also when you’re sober and having a quiet night in.

Do your housemates have boyfriends? If not, that can make it harder as acting wingman every night isn’t the most enjoyable situation, I mean who wants the annoying friend every time.  If you’re willing to make the effort then it’ll probably work, if however the thought of travelling down to see him on a Saturday morning a little bit worse for wear feels you with dread, maybe it’s time to spread your wings!

Aunty Em.

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