Dolly ‘Dad’ Dies: Tributes paid to Notts science legend

World renowned embryologist and creator of Dolly the sheep dies aged 58

The professor behind the breakthrough cloning of Dolly the Sheep passed away last week at the age of 58.

Tributes from around the world have been paid to Professor Keith Campbell, who until recently was still teaching at the university as Professor of Animal Development in the School of Biosciences.

Vice-Chancellor Professor David Greenaway, said: “Keith was a brilliant scientist. His work was genuinely transformational and inspirational. His pioneering research was revolutionary.

Legend..Keith Campbell was still teaching at Notts until recently

“That, together with his passion for science, will ensure he is justifiably remembered for all he accomplished. Keith was also an outstanding colleague whose absence leaves a huge gap. He will be greatly missed. I offer my deepest respect and sympathy to his family.”

Professor Campbell was a pioneer in the creation of Dolly the Sheep, who was named after singer Dolly Parton’s boobs.

Dolly the Sheep was named after singer Dolly Parton’s boobs

Research team leader Professor Ian Wilmut said: “Dolly is derived from a mammary gland cell and we couldn’t think of a more impressive pair of glands than Dolly Parton’s.”

The team’s successful cloning paved way for a series of other cloning experiments to be carried out.

Campbell was globally renowned for his work in cell biology and as an embryologist, winning the Shaw Prize for Life Science and Medicine in 2008. He led a 30 year research career and joined the university in 1999.

Clone ranger..Dolly was created by Prof. Richards

If cloning sheep was not enough, this great man was working on research that is of profound importance to human science. Professor Neil Crout, Head of the School of Biosciences, said: “Inevitably most people will remember him for Dolly the sheep although his recent work was focused on fundamental and applied stem cell research as a tool for the study of human disease.”

Professor Campbell is survived by his wife Kathy and two daughters, Claire and Lauren.

The university has set up an online Book of Condolence for Professor Campbell, which can be found here.