They Work For You…. Apparently?

Is it really worth electing nine people and paying them £17,000 a year to represent us, or are we better off without them?

Every year students elect a new SU exec to represent them and make their university life more enjoyable. But once they get the £17,000-a-year job, they vanish and nothing changes. 

We all remember SU elections. That glorious time of year when deadlines approach and a bunch of people handing out the odd sweetie in multi coloured t-shirts pester you on the way to Hallward.  They harass you, tell you things will change and claim they are the best guy or girl for the gig.

Yet once you have powered through the manifesto of ridiculous past positions with a sense of great power or authority and then worked out the even more ridiculous online voting system for the only guy or girl running they all seem able to do the one thing the Kardashians can’t…. Disappear.

Seriously, I challenge you now when was the last time you saw a member of the exec, or even better the last time you heard of or saw something that they actually changed or achieved. After all those promises of working for you and making life easier… life just disappointingly goes on. It’s like we are electing a few lucky students to disappear and take a paid holiday for the year.

Our current SU Exec

But not by a long shot is this even half the story. Ask yourselves again: what are the responsibilities of the Equal Opps and Welfare Representative? Or how about the Education Officer? Or for an even better laugh, what on earth is the Student Council? If your mind went blank, then welcome to the very large majority who equally have no clue.

I’m sure the Equal Opps Rep – who works full time – is a stand-up, hard working guy and bless him if he thinks he’s making a difference by sitting next to a phone for Nightline and dressing people up in tiger suits, but surely he’s being paid a salary for the workload of a fresher. If they could make a difference that we could all see then I’ll throw my hands up, take a sweetie and pay some acknowledgement to the hurricane of leaflets that get blown in my face outside Hallward. But they don’t, and instead I’m left scratching my head asking ‘what on earth is the point?’

In the spirit of fairness I tried to get in touch with ‘Mr President’ for an interview only to get nothing back. So, if you are reading, please do try and prove me wrong. Come back from your holiday and show me you’re worth the cash. I really do want to see that change you promised and for one year believe that you are more than just a glamorised Haribo sales rep.

What do you think? Do the Exec fulfil an important role in the student community and shape your experience of the university? Or do we waste time voting for people to take a nice wage for a meaningless position?

Let it all out in the comments section below.