Nightlife Knowledge

It’s all changed in Nottingham since the end of last year, so The Tab is bringing you an update on the city’s nightlife.

Look no further, The Tab knows what’s going on. The once-leading company Student Clubber is now only organising Thursdays at Forum, as Carpe Noctum establishes itself at centre stage.

Described as ‘dominant’, ‘the big one’ and ‘untouchable’ by students at the University of Nottingham, Carpe Noctum has certainly made itself known in the city and on campus. The well-recognised logo now makes a regular appearance on most photos taken at club nights; its Latin name is foreign to no one.

Going wild

Carpe Noctum is still bringing you Crisis every Wednesday at Rock City and remains the only exclusive student night to be held every week at this massive venue. Purely for Uni Of students, this night is the biggest weekly student night in the UK. Don’t forget Rock City also features the stylish Black Cherry Lounge.

New to this semester, Mondays at Oceana are also now run by Carpe Noctum rather than Student Clubber. This makes Mondays another exclusive night for Uni Of, and is the official Karni night – bring your student IDs and don’t bring friends from home.

More regulars are also found at Market Bar: Fuck Hip Hop on Tuesdays and Dive on Thursdays have restarted with the new term and are packed with refreshers and returners. Although a smaller venue, Market Bar remains highly popular.

However, Market Bar also presents a number of changes now that it’s been fully refurbished. Plus, for those of you who were fans of Black Sheep, Market Bar brings you a new Saturday night: Back to Mine.

Ocean Fridays remains ‘untouchable’ as described by Anna Clarke, despite new weekend competition from Bopp at Pandora’s Box on Friday. This popular boutique club brought guests including Joey Essex and Spencer Matthews to Nottingham last year and its new Thursday night Jolie promises just as much excitement.

Whilst Pandora’s is home to Uni Of and Trent students alike, Penthouse is fast becoming an unofficial Trent night. And if anyone was searching this page for an Escucha update, prepare for disappointment as it has unfortunately gone into liquidation.


The Tab hopes to answer the many questions about Gatecrasher which have been buzzing around campus. According to Luke Black and his co-workers at Hugh Stewart’s The Mix bar, ‘people ask what Gatecrasher is doing every evening!’ Even our ClubCo experts Max Mayhew and James Cruse are ‘baffled’ by it.

The student night offered by Gatecrasher this year is now Koosdays. Described as the ‘student night with class’, Koosday Tuesdays hopes to revive Gatecrasher after it lost so much appeal last year. However, will it be able to compete now that it is no longer run by Carpe Noctum but by Gatecrasher itself?

Max Mayhew (ClubCo) believes Gatecrasher’s difficulties last semester were largely due to limited advertising and describes its fall in numbers as a ‘mystery’. Seeing that so few people know what it’s providing this year, it may face the same problems again.


As for our clubs that are often overlooked on Freshers’ pages and by Karni, Rescue Rooms has introduced Tequila to Monday nights. Having been established over 20 years ago, this is the UK’s longest running weekly student night so hopes are high!

Pitcher and Piano’s Gin and Juice on Tuesdays has been very popular since the return of Nottingham’s students, despite a fire alarm and full evacuation occurring. Bodega continues to provide a welcome mixture of club nights and live music.

The Tab emphasises that this is not an exhaustive list and there are of course many more nights to frequent in Nottingham, and Mooch Bar on University Park is not to be forgotten! Whether you’re a Fresher just discovering the city, or a returner looking for something new, take a look at The Tab’s Culture pages to discover more.