Late Night Levy

The cost of Jaeger bombs and pints is set to rise after revellers were slapped with a tax on GOING OUT.

The cost of Jaeger bombs and pints is set to rise after revellers were slapped with a tax on GOING OUT.

Popular student watering holes will be hit with a £4,440 annual levy to pay for police on the streets of Nottingham.

That cost could be passed on to drinkers, making it more expensive to go to your favourite club.

The tax could impact 1,706 venues across Nottingham, so whether you are on team Oceana or team Coco Tang, you could still take the hit.

Police patrol Notts city centre (photo: Nottingham Post)

Despite a reduction in crime overall in Nottingham, authorities are eager to introduce this late night levy to slash the number of booze-fueled brawls.

Students agreed the extra security could help cut crime, but warned it could spell the end of the ‘five nights out in a row’ week.

Tony Strain said: “I feel safe on my own – Nottingham is already pretty good with police staffing. If the difference was a few pence it wouldn’t be noticeable, but the pounds would hurt.”

Lauren Burkardt said she would benefit from more police, but added: “I would be happy to pay more, but it would mean I would go out less.”

Tequila just got pricier

The levy could generate £1.4 million for Nottingham Authorities providing financial support for more police officers to patrol the city in the evenings.

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