‘I love your dress!’ ‘Thanks! It’s vintage.’

Like giving new life to an old gem? Look no further.

That always sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it? The idea of giving re-birth to a beautiful, timeless garment that no one else will be wearing.  But whenever I’ve looked for vintage clothes, I’ve always ended up in a shop that smells like tea and old ladies’ pillowcases. Not a fan. I don’t know about all of you, but when I shop, I like to be in a big space, take my time rifling through things, and feel like I’m in a place that understands fashion.

When I told some friends that Pippa (my co-editor) was borrowing clothes from Cow for our first photo-shoot, their faces lit up with recognition; but I just didn’t know what to expect. To be honest I thought it’d be something like what I explained above.

But to my surprise, Cow was phenomenal. I was having a field day, picking up every other fabulous fashion piece in awe.

It was a plethora of cool and everything I’d been looking for; a perfect mix of unique fashion and low prices.  I feel like I’ve unveiled a secret that has been kept from me for years. ‘Vintage’ is now so much more than a pair of my Mum’s earrings.


To give you an idea that goes beyond these photographs, Cow looked a bit like Andy Warhol’s factory filled with sequins, patterns and over-sized knits. It came across as relaxed and chic with a great workforce to back it up.


Ladies and Gents of Nottingham Uni, do yourself a favour and go visit Cow, spend at least an hour in there trying on £37 velvet dresses and shoulder padded jackets in the wood chipped dressing rooms. You won’t be disappointed.

Makeup: Xanthea Heynes

Photographer: Ashiana Pradhan

Stylists: Pippa Mead and Ashiana Pradhan

Clothes: From ‘Cow Vintage’

Article written by: Ashiana Pradhan