Student in hospital after falling from LCR walkway

He was seen hanging from a bar

Social Sciences lecturers earn over 5k more than Arts and Humanities

Yet we still all pay the same

We went back to Pedro’s after Sombrerogate

Everyone who eats there is a racist

Sombreros banned from Freshers’ Fair

Apparently they’re cultural appropriation

The Union House refurbishments aren’t actually that bad

The LCR will never be the same again

Rita Skeeter reveals Ron Weasley’s dastardly UEA election campaign!

The wizarding world’s best loved journalist exposes Harry Potter’s faithful sidekick as trying to infiltrate our Union!

Union Elections: Meet Your Candidates!

SICK OF POSTERS AND MANIFESTOS? We’ve taken the best bits off them for you.

Don’t listen to scaremongers- the Union needs a President.

Campaigner Ross Attfield explains why you should vote YES YES in today’s referendum.

Students To Vote On President Question

And we could be getting sparkling new Officer positions too!

Editorial: Blurred Lines Referendum- An Absolute Joke.

Co-Chief Editor Victoria Finan deplores how the referendum has been handled.

Union Reacts to Criticism

The Union has announced it will be making changes to the way it is run in an effort to give students a voice.

Why I Voted ‘Yes’.

Union Councillor Elliot Folan discusses his response- and why he feels it is right to boycott bigotry.

Five Things the LCR Has Taught Me

Stephen Fry Endorses UEA’s LGBT Campaign + His Letter

The UEA LGBT Student Experience Survey is a hugely important and inspirational (I suspect it will become a model to be imitated across the country) project… I am very honoured to have been asked to introduce it to you and declare my support for it.

Apathy declares Victory in the Union Elections!

Did you vote in this year’s Union Elections? OLLIE LEE knows why not…