Fairtrade Soc is gifting us with a Free Wine and Chocolate Quiz night

Fighting exam blues and poverty? It’s almost c.v. worthy

Derby Day 2018: Security called to Football half-time ‘brawl’

Reportedly students were throwing flares

There’s a new coffee station in the Library

Shut up and take my money!!!!!

How to enjoy Norwich when the sun is out


Campus Style: Summer Edition

We may be in deadline season, but that doesn’t make us any less fashionable

UEA students are hosting a charity Sleep out in the Square

The money raised will be going towards charity

Cabana Club are coming back to the LCR

They won’t just be gracing the LCR once but three times

If you want to claim back money because of the strikes – now’s your chance

There’s an advice centre to help you get your money back

Pimp My Barrow is actually changing this year

Nope, this one isn’t April Fools…

Everything to look forward to this Semester

Its the finale to the year and it’s going to be a big one.

Concrete Confessions vs Warwick Love is our favourite new rivalry

Watch out Essex, UEA might have just got themselves a new rival

Dirty beds and ‘prison’ food: UEA’s sports tour is a disaster

This is definitely not four star living

Pimp My Barrow has banned wheelbarrows from this year’s event over safety concerns

Wheelbarrows will no longer be allowed at the event

Meet Gladboy: the student band bringing psychedelic rock to UEA

An eccentric trio of UEA students ‘Gladboy’ have released their latest single

Norwich is officially one of the best places to live in the UK

Obvs we already knew this though

Livewire Jailbreak 2018 has raised over £10,000 for charity

This year’s winning team made it as far as Denmark

UEA’s most eligible Bachelorette 2018: Round Three

Giiiiirls just wanna have fuuuuun

BREAKING: UEA lecturers reject updated pension offer

The agreement would have seen the strike halted tomorrow

Cabana Club is coming to the LCR

Just in case you hadn’t heard yet…

UEA’s Zig Zag Festival is back

If you’re a student creative type nows your time