Update: University seeks to clarify plans for Muslim prayer rooms

This week has been a very controversial one for the university

UEA students stand in solidarity after news of prayer room closure

Students gathered in the square today for a group prayer in support of Muslim students

A second year UEA Business Management student has designed a sustainable water bottle

It is available in the SU shop now

UEA permanently closes Muslim prayer spaces a week before Ramadan

The current facility in Lecture Theatre 2 will be turned into a ‘library corridor’

Over 60 percent of UEA students plan to vote for Labour next month

Corbynmania has taken hold of UEA

Music festival to take place on campus this Saturday

UEA, let me hear you make some noiseeeee

UEA rises into the top 20 UK universities

They must have been impressed by this year’s PMB turnout

Vote for your favourite PMB team

This year doesn’t disappoint with the costumes.

UEA announces closure of postgraduate counselling courses

It is claimed that mental health services at ‘breaking point’

Concrete Memes admin speaks out

Forget batman, this is the hero UEA needs

UEA students set up GoFundMe page to replace stolen wheelie bin

The council want £40 for a new one

Theresa May is said to be visiting Norwich today

Remember to look strong and stable everyone

VIDEO: Norwich bus driver caught fighting a passenger in the middle of the street

Not quite the same as Joshua vs. Klitschko

Shaggy is coming to the LCR next month

But she caught me on the counter

These UEA students are travelling 8000 miles in a Nissan Micra for MIND UK

She’s called Mildred the Micra

The top five events to look forward to this semester

There’s a light at the end of the exam tunnel

Being a lifeguard is nothing like Baywatch

Don’t you DARE call me The Hoff

A rather morbid statue has been installed on top of the library

People have taken to social media to criticise the installation’s timing with exam season