Thrifting tips for the cash-strapped UEA student

When it comes to finding cheap, unique fits, this strictly second-hand crash course has got you covered

Here are this year’s best dressed from Pimp My Barrow

The group dressed as Fortnite is my personal fave

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Campus Style: Summer Edition

We may be in deadline season, but that doesn’t make us any less fashionable

UEA campus style: Winter edition

How UEA’s best dressed have adapted to the snow

Charity Shopping in Norwich: First Impressions

Musty smelling rooms, hand-written labels and plenty of fleeces

Campus style: February

Styling out that recent 20% ASOS student discount, no doubt

Campus Style: Autumn edition

These guys are tackling the cold in style

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Campus Style: the battle of the halls

Which freshers are the most ~fashun~

Campus Style: February fashion

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Can you guess the course based on the outfit?

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Campus style

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Campus style: February

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