UEA offers students in halls an eight-week rent rebate

The decision will cost the university up to £4.7m

UEA has offered all students with a room on campus an eight-week rent rebate, costing the university “up to £4.7m”. The decision comes after an email from Vice Chancellor David Richardson, announcing that all teaching and in-person supervision would be online until 1st March.

The email, which was sent to all students, announced that the rebate would be “for students who have a UEA Accommodation license but are now not able to occupy their room” promising “further details for students affected by the end of this week”.

It laid out the specific courses and circumstances where students can be on campus. Those studying “professionally regulated courses in MED, HSC, PGCEs in EDU, Social Work or Pharmacy”, those requiring “additional mental health support” from UEA and “international students who have already made travel plans that cannot be delayed”, among others.

A UEA spokesperson said: “This has been a very difficult year for students and UEA is acutely aware of how challenging the national restrictions have been and continue to be. It is with this in mind that the University has taken the decision to move to online teaching until at least 01 March, and our hope is that this will enable students and staff to plan more effectively.

“Given this decision UEA will be offering students an eight-week rent rebate if they are not occupying their UEA accommodation. This decision, which mirrors the approach taken during the first lockdown will cost the University up to £4.7m pounds.

“We would encourage all eligible students to accept the offer of an 8-week rent rebate and we will be providing details on how to obtain this within the week.”