We all miss going out-out, so vote now for your favourite of Norwich nightlife

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There is no denying that Freshers’ Week 2020 has been unrecognisable. Rona has dealt first years a rough hand, to miss out on the scenes of the LCR and Prince of Wales Road is a sin. So, let’s get nostalgic and reminisce on the good ol’ days of VKs, sticky floors, and losing your best friend to the below average guy in the smoking area. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite in the poll at the end!



Classic, iconic, crossing the threshold feels like coming home.
A massive on-campus house party, full of your best mates, your worst enemies and a carpet of plastic bottles. Repetitive tunes, sugar highs, and a crowded smoking area is heaven in my eyes. Spoilt for choice with the main floor blasting the classics (think Mr Brightside), the Hive bringing you RnB, and Blue Bar showcasing drum and bass (aka mosh pit central). Wednesday night is Sports Night for the ‘athletes’ among us who like to mix competitive sport with metric ton of bevs.

My verdict: You can’t beat it.

The Waterfront

Middle child syndrome, LCR’s neglected but unforgotten relative.
Enjoy the same cheap prices, with an assortment of indie and rock tunes. If you manage to locate it in the depths of town, you’ll find a band of NUA kids dressed in your Grandad’s clothes, promoting their SoundCloud, and getting edgy pics for the gram. Claim to fame: Suffolk boy Ed Sheeran created his infamous Nandos rap outside the back door by the bins (if you do anything today PLEASE watch this gem).

My verdict: Sorry not my thing.


Mantra Club and Lounge

The jewel of Prince of Wales.
Prepare for extortionate prices, highs heels, and an overbearing cameraman. Join the wannabe elite maxing out their overdrafts in the VIP lounge or remain with the savvy students exploiting a two-for-one AfterDark wristband. Known to secure rappers such as Giggs, the music is a mix of RnB, Hip Hop and Grime. The best part of the night is spent dreaming of a greasy kebab from the even greasier shops across the road.

My verdict: A mixed bag.



The holy grail of bars.
Equipped with its very own aeroplane for when you need to hang up those dancing shoes or settle into a quarter-life crisis. Either way, grab a VK and jet off into the sunset while getting your cheesy hit fix. The only place I know to have a karaoke bar, so choose your best break-up song and get ready to lose your voice.

My verdict: So popular you’ll be queuing half of Thursday night.

Lights brighter than our futures.


Karma Kafe

For the ravers and middle-aged locals who love a boogie.
Expect to find half the club gurning to drum and bass and a very kind lady in the loo to pass you a tissue, a lollypop, or listen to your life story (for a fee of course). Also has a very spacious smoking area and a very strange basement with kids hyped up on techno.

My verdict: Yeah, decent.


The Open

The stately home of venues.
Home of the infamous Soul Train. Boogie the night away with this sell-out event. Await funky disco tunes that would take pride of place in your Dad’s record collection. You need to dress to impress, so head on down to your local Sue Ryder and find yourself the waviest garms to fit in with the crowd.

My verdict: Soul Train is not to be missed.

Too Jazzy?



You need to really love a DJ set to make a night in a decorated factory worth the expedition out of Norwich.
Last entry is 9pm and the drinks cost a bomb, so make sure you start drinking with lunch. Rave/indoor festival vibes, with previous sets including Chase & Status and Macky Gee. Shits and giggles until you realise you haven’t booked a taxi home. Admit defeat with a three-hour trek and a Maccy Ds en route, an essential expenditure to numb the regret of all your life choices.

My verdict: Not for everyone.


Gonzo’s Tea Room

For the coolest kids in town.
Interior-goals, looks like a very well-designed jumble sale. You pay a premium on drinks just to enjoy this unique space, but the entry is cheap as chips. Offers groovy events and an almost-classy rooftop bar. I like to take outsiders here, so they believe Norwich is cool.

My verdict: A real treat.

Well, that’s it on our whistle-stop tour of the finest clubs Norwich has to offer. After rehashing the past, rate your favourites, and let the battle of the bars begin.

*Disclaimer* Do not take offence if I have dragged your favourite watering hole, let’s be honest, they’re all shit.


Which is the best club in Norwich?