LCR to implement ‘wristband system’ so you can only be in there for two hours

Organisers say it’s to prevent overcrowding

Check the date, gullible… Happy April Fool’s!

UEA’s Students’ Union has approved a ‘wristband system’ for the next academic year that will restrict the amount of time students can spend at an LCR event, such as Damn Good and A List.

For the past year, the SU has been struggling with the LCR’s capacity versus the number of students and Norwich locals attending its events. If you’re anything like me, you’re all too familiar with forgetting to buy your ticket in the week, seeing they’re sold out, and spending the entirety of Saturday refreshing the LCR ticket exchange Facebook page in the hope that you or one of your friends can nab one.

This has caused all manner of issues for the SU, with people bulk-buying tickets like it’s bog roll in a pandemic, people trying to sneak in through fire exits, and those choosing to sell their tickets overcharging their fellow students.

As a way to combat this, an SU worker who has asked to remain anonymous informed us there have been many “meetings” set up to discuss “a wristband system” that will mean more tickets can be sold and every student who wants to attend an event can.

They said: “The idea is that students will be given a coloured wristband depending on which type of ticket they bought and what time they arrived at the LCR.

“From there, they will have two hours at the event, before they are asked to leave. The timings will be staggered so students with a variety of wristband colours will be in the LCR at one time.

“Bar staff and bouncers will enforce the timings, checking people’s wristbands throughout the night at checkpoints such as the top of the stairs to the Blue Bar.

“We are aware this may not be the most popular decision initially, but we’re hoping students will see this is the best way to maximise the LCR’s capacity and ensure everyone has a great night together.

“More information will be released after the Easter break on the SU website under ‘your events terms and conditions’.”

Harriet Walker-Smith, a second-year law student, is furious about the decision, particularly due to the price of LCR event tickets.

She said: “Imagine paying £7 for a ticket and then only being able to stay for TWO hours. SU you’re funny but the joke’s on you because I certainly won’t be going anymore.”

Prince of Wales Road anyone…?