A UEA student is self-isolating after kissing a girl with coronavirus on a night out

‘Unlucky to everyone who was at sports night’

A UEA student is self-isolating for 14 days after coming into “very close contact” with a flatmate’s friend in Falmouth last week, according to screenshots from a group chat.

The student put in a UEA chat that he has been “asked to self-isolate for 14 days” due to the incident, which happened with a girl “who was confirmed positive” with coronavirus today.

He also pointed out this is “unlucky to everyone who was at sports night”, but we’re hoping that doesn’t mean he got with everyone there too.

Friends of the student in question have described him in the chat as “brilliant” and also “a total twat”.

Another group chat claims his entire flat has also been quarantined, but “for a week rather than two”.

She said: “Because [the student] from that flat went to Falmouth last weekend and got with a girl who is now tested positive with it. Fuck.”

Ian Callaghan, the UEA Chief Resource Officer, has also confirmed a self-isolation case.

He said: “Following the Government’s announcement yesterday we have been advised that a student flat on the UEA campus is self-isolating after receiving advice from 111. This is a precautionary measure.

“We understand this news will cause concern and anxiety among our students, staff and the wider community; and indeed there has been speculation on social media.

“We want to reassure you that the self-isolation is a precautionary measure, and there is no confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus.”

Since then, all students have received a second email, this time from the Assistant Head of Corporate Communications.

She said: “Please be aware the University remains open next week. As a precautionary measure, from next Monday 16 March until 19 April, all teaching will be delivered via Blackboard. All classroom and laboratory teaching will cease.

“We expect that for the next week, our virtual learning environment Blackboard will be used to provide relevant course content and materials, and students should check their email for updates as well as their module Blackboard sites.

“The University is continuing to review the situation and will provide more information to you within the next two weeks about arrangements that will be in place for after 19 April.”

Image via Pixabay