Everything you need to know about the UEA SU elections

Who are the candidates?

It’s time again for UEA students to vote for who they want to be SU officers next year. Full and part time roles are up for a re-vamp and it’s you that gets to decide who gets what. The voting opens on the SU website on Monday 9th March, before closing at 10 am on Thursday the 12th, so make sure you vote this week to have your say (and get entered into a prize draw that includes a Ninetendo Switch).

Here’s a quick rundown of the candidates vying for the full-time positions.


Activities and Opportunities

This role is there to support sports, societies and opportunities.

Ben Hawes – Third-year business student and current Vice-President of Business Society. Campaigning on championing students in clubs and societies, creating half-year SAMs available from the start of the year and simplifying room booking and risk assessments.

Ben Moxton – Final year biology student who is currently on the UEATV , Livewire and filmmaking committee. Campaigning for UEA sports highlights to be shown on screens in the bar/hive, a graduate SU card to allow access to SU buildings and ‘friends come free’ sessions.

Lizzie Payne – Third year biology student who has held multiple committee positions. Campaigning for more opportunities, more transparency and more recognition for clubs and societies.

Joe Loftus – Final year bio-chemistry student. Campaigning for a new bursary system for clubs and societies, compulsory mental health training and increased career events for creative subjects.

Neith Charlesworth –  Third year English, Culture and Politics student and current sports executive at UEA. Campaigning on mental health issues, embracing cultures on campus and accessibility for students with disabilities.

Samuel Snowling – Second-year PE student and current president/head coach of UEA Karate. Campaigning to showcase clubs and societies achievements, keep the SU page updated and ensure accessibility for students that struggle socially.

Sarah Williams – Enterprise and Business creation MSc student. Campaigning to be a voice for the needs of clubs and societies, improve unclusivity and ensure equal oppurtunities among all students.


Campaigns and Democracy

This role campaigns on issues affecting students and oversees SU commercial activity (like the shop and LCR).


Hamish Williams – Post-grad history student and currently Student Manager of Unio. Campaigning to challenge campus costs, develop student democracy and reduce plastic on campus.

Jack Annand – MSc banking and finance student who has sat on Union council for three years. Campaigning to make it easier for student voices to be heard, democratically solve the SU’s funding problem and launch a campus wide effort to find a new ‘pimp my barrow’.

Kate Hicks – third-year history student and Chair of UEA Labour society. Campaigning to create student-led change to Student Services, introduce campaigning workshops and increase SU accountability.

Roo Pitt – no manifesto yet, check the SU website for updates!

Susannah Esiri-Bloom – International Development student. Campaigning to lobby the university to financially support the SU, improve SU accountability and continue to support  UEA campaigns like Eradicate Hate and Never OK.


Postgraduate Education

This role represents students to the university and works with course reps to have a say on how courses are run.

Ayanna Hida – MA Global Intercultural Communication Student. Campaigning to research the barrier preventing students of colour engaging in student politics, represent students of different cultures and give post-grads fair opportunities.

Kimberly Hirst-Jones – Currently a PhD student in the faculty of Medicine and Health. Campaigning to create positive change within the postgraduate community, bring together post-graduates from all courses and re-introduce the Graduate Students’ Association.

Lewis Martin – Masters International Relations student who currently sits on the Postgraduate Committee. Campaigning to fight for postgrad funding, ensure associate tutor rights and create a more inclusive postgrad experience.


Undergraduate Education

Similar role to the Postgrad Officer – but for Undergrads.

Callum Perry – Current the Undergraduate Education Officer. Campaigning to continue academic representation, better evaluation methods and assessment clarity.


Welfare, Community and Diversity

This role supports students through accommodation, any concerns and campaign on health or welfare issues.

Aaron Campbell – Third year student who has been on several committees. Campaigning to invite students into the SU to be heard, implementing as many ideas as possible and working to make sure everyone gets the help they need.

Alice Martin – Fourth year History and Politics student and key member of women’s rugby. Campaigning to create focus groups, the ‘loud and proud’ campaign to break down stereotypes/labels and a new mental health initiative.

Ash Wise – second-year Geography student and current President of Commuters’ Society. Campaigning to begin a welfare system for commuters, reduce parking fees for students and work with support services in understanding conditions and disability.

Eddi Gell – third-year education student and sexpression volunteer. Campaigning to create a designated quiet space, free accessible events and make drug testing kits available to students.

Emily Anderson – third year English Literature and Creative Writing student and current Secretary for the UEA Vegan Society. Campaigning to lobby the university to review Student services to meet demand, improve consent education and introduce food waste bins in the SU.

Ethan Johnson – Philosophy and Politics student and student manager at PizzaSU. Campaigning to elevate voice of all students, introduce a part-time Men’s Officer role and meet regularly with student managers.


Each role has the option to vote to Re-open Nominations rather than vote for the current candidates.

For full manifestos from the candidates and more information visit the UEA SU website, where there is also more information on part-time roles for Environment, Ethical Issues, International (EU)/(non-EU), LGBT+ (open place), mature students’ officers.