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UEA Take Me Out is coming to the LCR

20p from every £1 will be donated to the Papyrus charity for young suicide prevention

If you were a teenager living on Earth in the 2010s, the chances are you crossed paths with the legendary dating show that was Take Me Out.

You probably remember Paddy McGuinness, the iconic presenter whose catchphrases such as 'no likey, no lighty' and 'let the hanky see the panky' revolutionised television charisma as we know it. Even though he is now used in memes, none of us can deny that his overwhelmingly friendly northern accent and sexy over-six-foot height status made him one of our earliest (and most questionable) crushes.

There was the Isle of Fernando's which should have been shit but actually looked amazing, not to mention the blind but wonderful dates the contestants got to go on, including dolphin-watching, cocktail-making and surfing. It's only a four hour flight from the UK, too…

The show was so successful it's still going, and you can watch Series 11 on ITV today, but UEA's Disney Society and Illusion Events are doing us one better and are bringing Take Me Out to the LCR! They have also partnered with Papyrus, a charity for the prevention of young suicide, and 20p from every £1 made will be donated.

All of the contestants will be students, and presenting will be Feyi Adebanjo, a Chemistry student. She told the Norwich Tab: "I'm very excited to be hosting Take Me Out, I'd been telling my friends about it before I even got the job! I'm especially honoured as the event is raising money for the Papyrus charity which raises awareness of youth suicide – something which has been an especially harrowing issue on campus".

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Feyi Adebanjo, the new and improved Paddy McGuinness!

The event will be from 7-9pm in the LCR on February the 13th, with an open bar, refreshments and a live performance from DJ Constu. Tickets are available for £5 online, or £10 on the door. Click here to get yours from the SU website!