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UEA calls back exchange students in Hong Kong over protests

All three students have return flights to the UK on Friday

The University of East Anglia "actively encouraged" exchange students in Hong Kong "to return to the UK" amid escalating tensions between pro-democracy protesters and police.

A UEA spokesperson for the international team told The Norwich Tab: “UEA has been closely monitoring developments in Hong Kong and keeping in regular contact with our three students currently studying abroad, all at Hong Kong University (HKU).

"On Wednesday we encouraged students to consider returning to the UK for their second semester, with options to complete their period of study abroad at an alternate destination."

Exchange students from Warwick, Sheffield, Nottingham, Aberdeen, Southampton and Edinburgh universities have also been urged to leave Hong Kong, however many of these places have cancelled the third semester of teaching.

The spokesperson also said: “On Thursday morning all three students were actively encouraged to return to the UK, with flight costs from Hong Kong to the UK to be reimbursed by UEA. All three students have return flights to the UK on Friday.

“Most importantly, the first priority is ensuring our students’ safety, and we look forward to seeing them back on campus next week to discuss online completion of this semester with HKU and their options for the second half of the academic year.”