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Here’s how you can get involved with UEA student recycling scheme: ‘Don’t Be A Wasteman’

“Help other people and help save the planet”

Launched in 2017, the UEA student run recycling initiative, Don't be a Wasteman, works to prevent unwanted items from students going to landfill. Many students don't have cars and it can therefore be a lot of effort to lug unwanted belongings to charity shops. Don't Be a Wasteman offers a solution as they can collect things from your home or from a designated drop-off point to prevent them going to to landfill.

The scheme is running in Norwich from 10th June until 10th July, and the majority of the goods collected are donated to Care4Calais, a "volunteer run charity delivering essential aid and support to refugees living in the worst conditions across Northern France and Belgium." Other donations will be sold on Depop to raise money for the hiring of a collection van and feed volunteers, whilst the money raised from on-campus sales will go into supporting UEA's international student community.

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This initiative in part coincides with Norwich Refugee Week (17th-23rd June)

In a Facebook video for the scheme, UEA SU Non-Portfolio Officer Rob Klim notes: "These donations can be reused in a circular economy to help other people and help save the planet." All you have to do is decide what you don't want anymore, drop them a message on their Facebook page, and arrange a collection time!


CANTERBURY OFF CAMPUS STUDENTS- WE WILL COLLECT YOUR UNWANTED ITEMS AND PROVIDE THEM TO THOSE WHO NEED THEMAfter exams and dissertations, you want to relax and enjoy summer. But there's the question of what to do with your unwanted stuff. What if you could just pack it all into bags/boxes and it was collected from you or there was a drop off point close to where you live? Well, the good news is that we are organising these. So that will be a stress you don't need to face. Plus you don't have to be a wasteman and will be helping others and the planet. Without doing much at all apart from what you'd have to do anyway; bag/box it up.So just LIKE Don't Be A Wasteman and you'll be in the loop as we share more details. Plus help out your student friends by sharing this with them. Then they can have less stress too.Here's what we take:Crockery Cutlery Pots & pans Electricals Electronics Clothes Shoes Bags CDs & DVDs Jewellry Bric a brac Soft furnishings Towels Books Stationery Bedding incl. duvets & pillows Non-perishable food Clean worn fabrics for ragging Chat with us first about larger items. PM us at Don't Be A Wasteman to arrange collection. It's between 10TH JUNE to 10TH JULY. We may be able to arrange collection outside these dates. Drop-off points will be announced soon, but we need some volunteers to host a drop-off point outside their place first! Let us know if you want to host one for a day (or more) during the collection. We'll pick it up from you same day. We're also looking for volunteer sorters (sorting goes on to end of July or earlier, but as many days as you can do is great).

Posted by Don't be a wasteman on Thursday, May 30, 2019

They accept:

Crockery, cutlery, pots & pans, electronics, clothing, shoes, bags, CDs & DVDs, jewelry, bric-a-brac, soft furnishings, towels , books, stationery, bedding including duvets & pillows, non-perishable food, clean worn fabrics for ragging. However, they recommend you chat to them first about larger items.

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Some of the donations Don't Be A Wasteman has already received

Don't Be A Wasteman is also in need of volunteers to host drop-off points and sort through the donations and organise them. Even if you gave just a few hours of your time to Don't Be A Wasteman your actions would have a positive impact. To arrange collection or to offer some voluntary work, you can message the Don't Be A Wasteman Facebook page. If you want to donate money towards the cause you can access the donation page here.