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WTF is happening with Pimp My Barrow?!

We’re all getting a little confused

Students are waiting on tenterhooks for the answer to the biggest question of 2019 so far…Is Pimp My Barrow still happening?

One of the social highlights of a year at UEA is Pimp My Barrow, that special day when we can let our hair down, pimp up a wheelbarrow and use it as an excuse to day-drink. The charity event has been running every year since 2006 but so far the SU has not confirmed anything about it happening this year.

There have been an abundance of outraged reactions in the form of memes, particularly on the much-loved Facebook page Concrete Confessions Between UEA Seshions.


Posted by Concrete Confessions Between UEA Seshions on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

According to the PMB Wikipeda page (it has a Wikipedia page, who knew?), it has been cancelled as of 2019.

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It was edited today eek

Some students have suggested it could still be happening as long as we behave ourselves on Derby Day… hmm we'll see how that goes.

Jonathan Murray, Marketing and Communications Manager told The Tab: "At the moment, we don’t have an official comment on PMB, only that we ask students to stay tuned on the our social media for announcements."

Looks like the most powerful man in the world has found time to weigh in on the whole PMB situation

Posted by Concrete Confessions Between UEA Seshions on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Although the Trump tweet is a joke, what about all the money that PMB raises for charity? Is the SU going to donate that money instead?

Some people are suggesting alternatives if PMB is cancelled, like a good 'summery old sesh' in Earlham Park…

If PMB isn't happening we'll happily provide at least some of our 5kW sound and DJs @ lake or earlham park for a summery old sesh. Give us a sign if you want it to happen UEA xox

Posted by Concrete Confessions Between UEA Seshions on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Facebook chat conversation was posted to Concrete Confessions saying that we will know by the end of next week.

For now we're keeping our eyes peeled for some kind of confirmation.

Is Pimp My Barrow happening? Have your say here.