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Our first ‘UEA Goes Dating’ couple has been on their date and this is how it went

Is love in the air?

Before their date, both Hannah and James were understandably nervous, especially as Hannah had never been on a blind date before! James was waiting for her at the bar and his reaction to when she first walked in was, “God, I hope she's my date”. It took them both a while to realise they were metres away, but they finally clocked on and found a table. Hannah said she “was immediately attracted to him and he seemed really sweet”.

The drinks started flowing as did the conversation, they soon clicked over mutual interest, James said “a mutual love of cats helped the date start well”. Almost as if they were paw-fect for each other (shit joke, sorry). The drinks may have been flowing a little too much because Hannah started over-sharing, “but I think he found my embarrassing stories funny”. Clearly the date was going well because Hannah admitted that she tends to only ramble about weird things when she’s comfortable with someone.

Hannah and James did not stop there, they went on a mini bar crawl and consumed many a pornstar martinis. The potential hangovers must have been worth it with them both confirming they would definitely like to see each other again.

James messaged a few days later confirming they were on their second date! The first success story of the series!

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