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Oh HELLO THERE it’s our Clubbers of the Week

See if you feature…

This week was building up to St Patrick's Day, so naturally the clubbers of Norwich honoured this with bucket-loads of booze and relying on the luck of the Irish to get them home. It's clubbers of the week!

Cutest Clubbers

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I couldn't for the life of me tell you what animal the toy on the left is supposed to be…but damn these guys are adorable

Most Regal Clubbers

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We all love a king in a robe – these guys brought the class

Fanciest Lift

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I hope these guys recreated this at Strictly UEA last night

Creepiest Mascot

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If you look at its eyes for long enough you can see that it's dead inside

Most Coordinated Squad (Wholesome edition)

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I'm truly impressed

Most Coordinated Squad (Badass edition)

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Still not sure if I want to be them or date them. Or watch them perform live.

Most Impressed!

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For the past two weeks this guy took the 'Least Impressed' but it's nice to see he and his wavy garms were actually enjoying themselves! Yay!

Classiest Bevs

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Doubt you'd see a sight like this in the LCR. Maybe at Hickling and Barton pres, though.

Most Romantic Clubbers

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That foot-pop is straight outta Princess Diaries, man. True love.

Best Pole dancer

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The core strength on this. Wowww.

Photo Credits: Damn Good, Flaunt and Mantra