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Jailbreak 2019 is happening right now!

The charity event organised by Livewire1350 is raising money for Norwich Mind

The biggest Livewire event of the year is back! Every year, the UEA student radio station organises Jailbreak – a charity event where different teams have to get as far away from campus as possible in 2 days (36 hours this time) without spending any money on the way and raising money at the same time. In past years, teams have gotten to the US, Dubai, or anywhere in Europe, although this year's rules have changed due to Brexit.

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CorbynAndMay'sGreatBritishRoadtrip Twitter @UAndMRoadTrip

The idea is still to get as far as you can without money, but this year it will only be within the UK to avoid any passport issues. However, to make it more exciting, challenges have been added which can get the teams points.

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Challenge Sheet (from Livewire1350, designed by Calsey Deverell)

Some of them have already seen dogs, gone to churches, seen farm animals, and even taught someone how to floss?

The Tab spoke to Emma Beattie, Livewire Head of Events and organiser of Jailbreak 2019, and she said: "At this point we're 6 hours in and everything is going great. So far we've raised about £2500 for Mind and all the teams are doing a great job. There's 30 hours left so wish me luck haha". She encourages people to donate HERE, any help counts.

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The Lion, The Witch and The Ginger Twitter @Lion_Witch_Ging

All the money raised by the teams will go to the charity Norwich Mind, who works to reduce the stigma around mental health as well as supporting anyone going through mental health problems.

If you are struggling with mental health and in need of any help, please contact Norwich Mind on 08088 020288; Student Support Services on 01603 592761 and [email protected]; the Samaritans helpline on 116 123 or go to your local NHS or A&E for emergencies.