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Damn Good FINALLY does Horrible Histories

Let’s give the people what they always wanted

Democracy can be a tricky thing. It has resulted in the likes of Brexit, the sadly thwarted Boaty McBoatface, and the introduction of our very own garlic bread. So there was a natural anxiety when Damn Good finally released their long promised, ' Pick your own damn good.'

Above all else, one theme stood out – a theme with a long and illustrious history on Concrete confessions, and in our the hearts of UEA …

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Truly a saga worthy of the show

With a long history that might just make CBBC consider a UEA special, it's clear to see that the majority of students here will think that this time, democracy has come top trumps – just like the 'Groovy Greeks' would argue!

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Although, this guy might not be too happy…

Like any good historian, I'm here to show you the data and break down how the saga all started….

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After student clamouring, Damn Good finally opened theme ideas in January

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As you can see, Horrible Histories quickly smashed the competition, never getting less than 60% of the votes at any stage!

They left memes to go back to meme school, Beyonce to console herself with Lemonade, and the poor old 'Under the sea' theme drowning in the competition.

All that's left now is to debate the playlist. Some cynics have told me they want a night jam packed with HH banger, but expect just the same amount of Mr Brightside alongside the themed songs. But all of us raised on CBBC are still clamouring for our favourites.

And some dedicated fans might dress up too – with the Tab team poised to take pictures of the best on the night!

Personally, I'm holding out for a hero – well, a dandy…

This club night will start at 10:30 on tuesday the 26th, with advance tickets at £4. Buy here for a night that will go down in history!