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Students gather for ‘We Will Be Heard’ event on UEA campus

The SU organised “quiet, respectful action” which was attended by hundreds of students

A Student Union organised event: 'We Will Be Heard' has been taking place this afternoon (15th March), organised following the news that first year student, Theo Brennan Hulme, was found dead in his campus room on Tuesday 12th March, the UEA.

The event started at 1pm in the Hive where participants queued to collect a rock that they then had the opportunity to write their name, the name of a loved one, or a personal message on. Following the collection of the rocks, students laid them down on the grass at the top of the Square.

The Facebook page for the event described it as "quiet, respectful action" with the purpose of showing "the strength of feeling in the UEA community surrounding student mental health support."

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Students collected rocks to lay down on the grass

Although there is currently no confirmation that Theo's death was connected to mental health issues, the SU and students felt that with this news, the right time had come to make their voices heard surrounding mental health facilities on campus.

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Students laid down rocks with names and messages on

Prior to Theo's passing, the three student deaths that have occurred in the last year have been connected to mental health issues and students are therefore calling out the lack of funding for the Student Support Service on campus.

There is an overwhelming feeling on campus that this cannot continue, and along with today's event, students have organised a petition in an attempt to get the university to listen, which has gained national media attention, and now been signed by over 5,000 people.

One student, who was asked why they attended the event today told The Tab: "I'm angry and I don't know what to do and this feels like something. I don't know whether it's […] something that will make any difference but I know that doing nothing is wrong."

The sombre atmosphere in The Square this afternoon made clear that this feeling of anger, upset, and a desperate need to take action was experienced by many of the people attending.

Links to The Tab's Instagram coverage can be found here.

Norwich Nightline is available between 8pm to 8am every term time night on 01603 597158. The Samaritans helpline can be contacted on 116 123. The UEA Student Support Services can be contacted on 01603 592761 and [email protected]