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UEA to invest extra £250,000 into student support services after news of student death

It was the fourth student death in a year

UEA has confirmed they will be investing more money into student services following the news yesterday that first year student Theo Brennan Hulme had passed away in his room.

The pressure on the university and the vice-chancellor Prof David Richardson is greater than ever with petitions and events being organised in protest of how the university is dealing with the mental health issues which students are dealing with.

Theo Brennan Hulme is the fourth student to die at UEA within a year. Jonathan Walker, 23, died on May 13, and Jess Fairweather, 20, died in October with inquests confirming they had taken their own life. In recent weeks, the news of Nick Sadler being found in the lake also called for university to take action and accountability.

The investment of £250,000 is said to be for hiring extra wellbeing staff members, more mental health training and online resources.

The university's support service budget already stood at £450,000 in 2017/18 and with the new investment it will raise the 2018/19 budget to £700,000.

Following yesterday's tragic news, the university told The Norwich Tab: "The death of a UEA student is something that affects out community deeply and, at this time, it is all the more important for both students and staff to look out for each other.

"If any student of staff member needs help with mental health and wider wellbeing, then please reach out for help.

"Don't think that your problem is not severe enough to ask for help, or that help is not there.

"Help and support is available, so please contact the Student Support Services (01603 592761) or email [email protected] if you need to, or encourage friends and colleagues to do the same."