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Nick Sadler Memorial takes place

A celebration of Nick’s life was held at the UEA lake yesterday early evening

Following the recovery of Nick Sadler's body in the UEA lake on Tuesday 19th February, friends organised a celebration of his life at the trees near the lake on Thursday evening. Friends, family, staff, and strangers attended.

The memorial included a heart-warming speech by Nick's close friend, Michael Howard which reflected on how Nick had been a force for good in the lives of his friends, leaving the crowd visibly moved.

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Friends brought flowers in tribute to Nick

Nick's love of cats, exemplified best perhaps by his daily cat calendar inspired a collection jar at the memorial for the charity, Cats Protection.

This raised over £70 and the family have stated on the funeral's information page that: "donations, if desired, for Cats Protection, Stowbridge may be made at the service or sent c/o R H Fayers and Son." Alternatively, donations can be made on the Cats Protection website which can be accessed here.

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A collection jar at the memorial raised £70 for Cats Protection

Nick's brilliant sense of humour could not go without mention, "The thing I can tell you for sure is that every single time I would see Nick, I would leave with my stomach hurting from laughing."

In his speech Michael also noted, "Nick was much more than just a comedian. He was a very sensitive and caring person. I knew of Nick's anxiety and depression early on in our friendship. He was always very open and honest, but also inspiring in the way he talked about his troubles."

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Nick with his housemates

The impact Nick had on his friends was obvious from the grief and love amongst the group gathered. Michael made Nick's imprint clear as he said, "I will think about you forever and I hope one day we can see each other again. You were honestly one of the greatest parts of life for me and you’ve left a gap that I’m not sure will ever be filled. But I promise you, that I’ll take the lessons you’ve taught me, to try and help others in the way you helped me and maybe even steal some of your jokes along the way."

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Nick with some of his 'Foundation Five' friendship group

Attendees left flowers and following Michael's emotional tribute, they reminisced on times with Nick over a drink amongst the trees.

Student Support Services (SSS) are available if you are struggling on: 01603 592761 or email [email protected] Alternatively, you can contact Norwich Nightline between 8pm to 8am every term time night on 01603 597158.