Norwich market has been named the best outdoor market in Britain

If you haven’t been, you’re seriously missing out – here’s why

This year is our year – Norwich has just won big at the Great British Market Awards 2019, and we're not surprised, to be honest. Right slap bang in the middle of Norwich (2 minutes walk from the 25 bus stop near Debenhams if your geography is that bad) is this absolute goldmine.

If you've ever got a spare day with nothing to do and fancy getting outside, seriously go and have a wander round the market for an hour. Even if it's raining, doesn't matter – there's a roof! Maybe not if you're a brands-only, Waitrose type person but for the average Norwich student it's great!

Need your watch strap fixed? Market. Need flowers for that girl in your seminar you've sort of started dating but want to make a gesture at Valentine's? Market. Just hungry for good food on a student budget? 100% market.

Here's some of our highlights…

Henry's Hog Roast

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Absolute hangover cure right here, enormous roll stuffed with pork, stuffing and apple sauce, about £3.50 – can't go wrong

Taxi Vintage

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Dude alert!

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For all you indie kids out there, look no further than Taxi Vintage for all your huge XXL 90s sweatshirt/adidas windbreaker/tiny sunglasses needs (head to the very back of the market and you'll see the yellow signs like a beacon calling you)

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Checking out what's on offer

World Food

Be it falafel, pho, doughnuts, chow mein, or the beautiful empanadas at Cocina Mia – you can find a lot of treats in the market. Lots of places have won awards and offer gluten-free and vegan options too – all you have to do is go and look. There was even a mulled wine stall at Christmas!

There's a full list of market stalls just here but I'd recommend a wander round – you can go 5 times and still find a Jerk chicken stall you've never even noticed before!

Suddenly you don't know how you can live without the Vegan Diner, calzones from Sicily Market, bubble tea, camo trousers and nostalgic DVDs from that guy near the back of the market who seems to have every movie under the sun (including about 4 copies of Raiders of the Lost Ark last time I looked).

Try it out with some friends

It's not a place to be rushed round, it's a place to be savoured until you discover every bit of it and you know exactly where to go to get your incense and dream catchers to remind all your housemates that you went on a gap yah to South East Asia and, like, totally found yourself.

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now everyone will know how much travelling changed you as a person

Best thing about it? It's labelled in grid references written on the big signs at the front. When you've found a place that does the best earrings or lattes or green juices, write the stall reference number in your notes for another day (it can be like a maze in there).

Happy browsing!