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UEA’s Garlic Bread Society is 2019’s most delicious society you need to know about!

Mmm garlic bread…

With news that a garlic bread society has just been approved by UEA, The Norwich Tab caught up with UEA Garlic Bread Soc president, and self-described garlic bread fanatic, Ellie Bokor-Ingram, to get the lowdown on UEA’s newest and most delicious society on campus!

Ellie Bokor-Ingram tucking in!

Ellie and team GB, that’s team Garlic Bread by the way, described how the original idea of a society was born out of a birthday drinks with her rugby team mates when they decided to take their passion to the UEA masses. Ellie told us:

‘It was a lightbulb moment, we just thought, everyone loves garlic bread? Lets make a society and we can eat it together!’

yay garlic bread

Now that Ellie’s garlic brainwave has been approved as an OFFICIAL society, she and her committee are full of ideas for the future. She told us:

"We aimed to get as many people as possible on board with Garlic Bread.. we're going to have garlic bread food stalls in the hive, make your own garlic bread sessions, try different garlic breads from around the world maybe even a trip to Italy?"

Team GB on the GB

Ellie even has a plan to take Norwich nightlife by storm, telling us:

"We've got a plan for a garlic bread bar crawl through Norwich and even dressing up as garlic bread on nights out!"

Well great, that’s my idea for Pimp My Barrow taken

Ellie then told us of what exactly makes THE perfect garlic bread:

"Garlic-ness is KEY! Also the dough or bread and its crispiness… I personally like a flat garlic bread and the best garlic bread ever is in Masterchef in town! They even know me in there now as the garlic bread girl!"

We know where to go after our Prince of Wales nights out then!

Garlic Bread and Chill…

Ellie is also looking for converts to the cause explaining to me how she plans to recruit members and convince people who are perhaps not yet on the Garlic Bread hype! Ellie told us:

"I would say you’ve just got to the try it, maybe they’ve just not had the right Garlic bread for them, maybe it’s been too garlicy or not garlicy enough?

"Some Garlic breads can be a let-down but we're offering a unique opportunity to dive into the world of garlic bread!"

How we imagine Garlic Bread soc socials to be

Ellie’s society of Garlic Bread enthusiasts is already thriving and growing rapidly, with a significant number of loyal garlic bread devotees already following the renowned Garlic Bread girl herself.

We love the sound the sound of this, and Ellie’s energy for garlic bread is already making me hungry, so be sure to get on this latest food-based society!