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An unofficial guide to student housing in Norwich

Love from the third years who’ve been through it all

Right freshers, lend us your ears. As seasoned veterans of the Norwich student housing scene, we’re here to spill the tea on the dos and don'ts of finding a place to live in Norwich.

For many freshers, we know this can be a daunting time. Well it shouldn't have to be. As people who have experienced the dizzying heights and bitter lows of student housing, we’re here to give you some tips.

Don't panic, YET

Hefty deposits and peer pressure can be a big deal for many of you freshers who have only just settled into halls. Take time to consider all the options on housing from estate agents to student led housing associations, in UEA’s case, Home Run. Be open minded and take your time to find the people and house you really are looking for, it really is never too late.

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Lower your expectations

Don’t expect the Ritz (especially you Hickling and Barton lot). In all likelihood, you’ll be living in somewhere much less cosy, so it’s best not to look for the fanciest house in Norwich. By the time you get to October, you’ll be kicking aside bin bags to get to the oven. Place your values on other things, like who you live with, and where you’re living. It’s best to embrace student culture and find somewhere "functional".

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Taking the necessary precautions (Photo – Daniel Jarred)

Location, location, location!

For God’s sake, listen to Phil and Kirsty. Think of the practicality, because this in the long run is what matters. Is this house convenient for getting to lectures, running errands or nights out in a thin shirt? Think hard about this, as we can confirm this is a biggie and easily forgotten when looking for the perfect house. In short, avoid Bowthorpe like the plague unless you love long walks to lectures and having no one want to trek to you for pres.

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A long trip home…

Pick the right people

You may seem like best buddies in first year, when you have cleaners every week and the heating works. If, like us, your heating breaks for four months and the mess becomes unbearable, these relationships are really put to the test. There’s nothing worse than playing hide and seek in your own house to avoid confrontation, and while it may mean you hide yourself away in the library, it’s not the best way to spend a year of your life.

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Drink to forget

Prepare yourself, this is going a wild ride with highs and lows.

Student digs really are what you make of them, it’s all about positive mental attitude, perseverance and in our case pushing the limits of human endurance…

Good luck and have fun, halls are boring anyway x