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Things you’ll only understand at uni if you grew up in in the middle of nowhere

No I can’t ‘just come out’ this evening

Don't get me wrong, living in a little village in the heart of the English countryside has its perks. Community spirit is still strong, and people really do care about each other – we even stop to say hello to each other sometimes – how nice is that?!

However, what living in a village does not prepare you for, is moving to a city. Suddenly, you can't believe how much easier everything is when there's actual shops within walking distance of your house, and you don't have to plan every outing you go on weeks in advance. Deliveroo is your new best friend.

Here's a few things you're bound to understand if you grew up in the middle of nowhere, too.

Every night out you went on took weeks of planning to make sure you actually made it

Where I'm from, the nearest town with any sort of a nightlife (meaning one club and a couple of questionable bars open past midnight), is a 30 minute drive away. Just doing it on a whim and deciding to go out last minute was not and never has been an option. If none of your mates would have you, the only way back was a taxi home, which can cost up to 40 quid, so you'd always decide not to go at all – a nightmare. Severe FOMO strikes again!

The amount of shops and pubs and EVERYTHING around you at your uni feels amazing

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Where I live, there's a butchers, a post office, a cafe at the station and a "club", aka a place where old men go to feel superior, and to get away from their wives. There's not much to do really. Moving to a city, where suddenly there's a strip of shops, takeaways and a post office within a two minute walk, as well as some fantastic pubs just down the road, feels blissful. Sure, it might seem mundane but have you ever tried getting a takeaway ordered from where I live? We don't even have a pub.

You have to learn to drive or you can be quite stuck

After years of relying on your parents for lifts, they normally can't wait for you to learn to drive. I am learning to drive at the age of 21, rather than when I was 17 like every other person did because I am scared of driving. Most people though, learnt to drive as soon as the calendar changed to mean they were now 17, and rightly so. Being able to drive makes living in the middle of nowhere that little bit easier.

People are actually…really nice to each other?

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Picture the scene. You go to your local post office to deliver your latest Depop sales, and the people in the shop actually have a lovely conversation with you, and so do the people in the queue. People are really rather lovely to each other and genuinely look out for their fellow villagers – it's kind of sweet. Don't get that attitude up in London or any city, do you?

It can be really boring sometimes

As beautiful as the countryside is in the summer, in the winter it's a completely different ball-game. You can't just go out for a walk. I mean, you can, but it's absolutely freezing. You can't just pop to Starbucks or Maccys for something to do – most people who live here probably have no idea what Starbucks is. You're suddenly reliant on your parents to make up fun for you again like you were when you were eight years old.

Expecting to get a takeaway easily is not a viable option

No takeaways Jeremy? That's insane. However that is the reality of living in a very small place. There are occasionally places that will deliver to you for a couple of pounds extra, but they are very few and far between.

People complaining about how small the city is

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this guy wanted to come in our garden

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You think Norwich is small? Yes we get it, you're from Manchester, Leeds or another Northern powerhouse, but have you ever even been to a little village? We don't have a Tesco, we don't even have a convenience store – all we have is a butchers and a post office. How convenient! Night out tonight? Let's do it!

Trying to get friends to come to you is a big struggle

Okay fine. We only have buses a few times a day out of here, and it is not an easy train journey to make, sure. But can't you just for once come to me? Please?