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Grab a lead as UEA announces new dog walking initiative

We just love the doggos

Dog walking is to be one of the new initiatives introduced by UEA as part of an attempt to improve student wellbeing, the university announced yesterday (8th January).

The programme, which is being funded by BUCS Sport and launched by UEA sport, means students will be allowed to take the precious doggos on walks around campus in groups. Sounds like a dream.

The thought behind dog walking is that it is encouraging students to get into more physical activity which provides social and mental health benefits especially with the never-ending stress that university kindly provides us with.

The SU Activities and Opportunities Officer, Oli Gray, said: "University can be a stressful time for students, with many feeling pressure from academic deadlines, financial worries and being away from home…the British Active Students Survey concluded that students who are more physically active have better mental wellbeing and attain higher academic grades.”

Zhyar Said, a Pharmacy student, commented on the news saying: "I always feel a lot better after being in contact with a dog. There is just something about their careless free lives that I envy.

"After helping organise UEA PAT for a couple years (which is where people come and pet dogs for therapy), which was always packed, I think there will be a high amount of people interested and it could be the next big thing on campus."

The date in which the dog walking service begins has not been confirmed but there is no doubt that it will be very busy all year round.