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Vote for UEA’s Maddest Fresher 2018/19

We do NOT endorse drinking Listerine at pres

You have sent in your nominations, and although some of them were fairly tame, some were absolutely WILD. After sifting through them all, here are the most nominated competitors for UEA's Maddest Fresher 2018/19…

Matt Thomas

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Matt in his natural habitat of the LCR with a girl on each arm

This lad is known for spending over a grand on drinks for other people so he is no stranger to the overdraft. Matt the lothario has completed 4 of the 5L's in just three weeks which by anyones standards, is impressive. His mates are surpised that he hasn't died yet especially after he powered through 2 bottles of Sourz, half a bottle of vodka and a crate of Dark Fruits.

Beth Nunn

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Beth fashioning a beautiful cast from her antics

This girl was nominated for being a state on a night out. Starting on her very first night, she sprained her wrist when she fell down the Ziggs stairs, she has also swam in the lake and had to be pulled out by security. This crazy girl has already racked up 10 ticks on her chunder chart, a valiant effort.

George Kulish

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Could George take the crown?

This fresher is dedicated to the sesh as he has spent all of his student finance on alcohol, cigarettes and new shoes, probably to wear on all these nights out. George now lives on just boiled eggs and bread now as he kissed goodbye to that loan.

James Ward

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How many VK's can you spot in the picture?

He is rumoured to be the 'VK King' as he easily knocks back eight VKs on a night out as well as downing a bottle of wine, that is just the bare minimum. You can probably find James destroying the LCR dancefloor or screaming his heart out to "I Want it That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. What a tune.

Alex Grenfell

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I have a feeling that might not be Listerine

Many of the nominations for Alex consisted of the words "absolute state". The fact that he is pretty much drunk 24/7 and constantly sends drunk texts proves that but Alex definitely proved himself as a mad fresher when he held a pres where over 100 people turned up, yet he faced no consequences when security turned up! Legend. The final nomination for him sums in up in two words… sesh goblin.

So there are all of your nominations for the maddest fresher! Get voting below so we can crown the winner.