Here’s how you can get involved with the Norwich Sleep Out

It’s the charity’s biggest event of the year

The Benjamin Foundation, a charity that raises funds to tackle youth homelessness in Norfolk, is hosting a Sleep Out on the 15th November (At Carrow Road Stadium) to help raise money to support homelessness in Norfolk.

The charity, which provides housing and support to 100 young adults a night alongside educational and life skills training, have already managed to allocate £18,000 of the money raised from last year’s events to the young adults in their care – and they want to do even better this year.

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The charity know that one night can’t replicate days, weeks, months or even a lifetime of living on the street. But just one night can have a profound effect in seeing homelessness for the first time. We’ve all experienced people asking for change when we’ve walked out of the pub – but how often do we really stop and take stock of what they’re going through?

Chris Elliott, Marketing Officer of the Benjamin Foundation said of the event:

"Sleep Out is our biggest fundraising event of the year, which invites people to spend one night outside so others don't have to.

"Our charity holds Sleep Out events in Norwich and Ipswich and the money raised supports out work, which not only gives vulnerable young people a stable home, but also provides them with the skills they need to leave us and forge an independent life."

Each of the young adults that the charity helps, is able to access funds raised in a way which best suits their needs. This could be in the shape of a training course, to help towards employment, or basic household items, if they are ready to move into their own place.

Support such as this provides young people with the building blocks they need for independence and helps to keep them off the streets.

Homelessness is increasingly hidden in our economic and politically volatile times. Students aren’t left out either – a survey at one of The London Metropolitan University (LMU’s) schools found 27 students homeless, and our financially downtrodden generation is all too aware of chronic sofa surfing and unstable housing.

Mature students, those unable to provide guarantors and estranged students are just some of the populations at risk, and it is an increasingly large issue within Norwich itself, and the whole of the UK.

To get in touch with the foundation and learn how you can get involved, ring up 01603 886932, or Sponsor via this link. You can even apply to host your own sleep out, by contacting them here!