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UEA’s BNOC of the Year 2018: Round three

The final three

It's nearly here, UEA's BNOC of the Year 2018 final. But one thing stands in its way: Round three.

Here are the latest and last round of nominations for your BNOC of the Year 2018, so get voting for your favourite.

Florence Pond, second year, Intercultural comminations and Business Management

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It seems she's already making waves in Netball as next year she’ll be becoming President. Nominated a few times she’s been described as the Queen of Blue bar (quite the claim) and reportedly won the ‘Dark Horse of Tour award’ last year and has kept this reputation going ever since.

"This girl is Miss UEANC! Known as a queen not only on the netball court but also in the depths of Blue Bar, you will see Flo strutting her stuff around campus with an angelic smile that really is quite deceitful."

Nick Stokes, third year, Politics

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A member of almost every society at UEA, he’s been President of Politics Society, the chair of UC and on the committee for darts. He co-hosted a Live Wire show plus he writes for Concrete and is a member of LMS, Snow and Squash. His nomination is as follows:

"He's been in pretty much every society on campus and was on committee for half of them. Loves a good time and spent 1/10th of his student loan at the politics ball last year. Rumour has it that he has 14 Damn Good T-Shirts and he never missed a Tuesday in first year or a Loft in second year."

Josh Ralph, second year, History student

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Josh received quite a few nominations. He's already rising up the ranks of UEA's very own Socialist Society. Heres a sample of some of his nominations: "Josh Ralph is UEA's memelord. A true historian, a comrade and friend to many", "the ginger communist we all love" and a "mysterious, popular, long boy."