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Breaking: Firefighters called due to reported fire on Library roof

It is unclear what started the fire or how severe it is

Numerous fire engines have been called to campus reportedly due to a fire on the roof of the Library. As of yet it is unclear what start the fire or how serious it is.

One student who was there when the fire alarm went off told The Tab Norwich: "I walked up to the library and the fire alarm went off all of a sudden. Students came out and the fire wardens came. Everyone seemed to think it was a drill but the alarm kept on going and fire engines turned up."

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Photos sent to the Tab Norwich show fire fighters being lifted to the roof.

They continued: "They've shut off the whole walkway around the Library and near uni and near the Ziggs. We asked a security guard if there was actually a fire and he confirmed it saying it was on the roof.

"We've seen the firemen on the crane on the roof of the library. There is about four engines and an ambulance."

A university spokesperson told the Tab Norwich: "Precautionary measures were taken this afternoon to evacuate the UEA library after burning rubber was smelt. The fire service was also in attendance.

The library has now re-opened after investigations found there was no fire."