Everything that will happen at Pimp My Barrow 2018

Lol when your wheelbarrow breaks

The singularly most anticipated date of the UEA calendar is almost upon us. Since 2006, our annual rite of designing wheelbarrows and getting rekt in fancy dress has raised over £50,000 for Norfolk cancer charity The Big C. Whilst the pub crawl around the Western suburbs of our fine city may have been shafted in favour of a campus-based event, there a certain things which will undoubtedly still happen tomorrow.

One of your team will get too fucked and have to go home before you leave the square

PMB is a marathon, not a sprint, although one of your mates will forget this and demolish all 18 tinnies in their crate before the time they'd usually eat lunch.

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You'll try to get in a scrap with somebody for stealing your bevs/accessories

After several hours of seshing, the concept of private property is abandoned in the minds of many, and somebody will loot you for your precious remaining tins. Keep your friends close, but your bevs closer…

The weather will be shit, but you won't even care

Apparently it rained last year? Lol I don't think anybody even noticed

Most of your costume will fall apart within an hour of getting there

Despite spending several hours meticulously planning your teams outfits, your costume will be near-unidentifiable once the event starts (although mad props if you manage to keep it together).

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Your wheelbarrow will crumble under the weight of booze it's carrying

Eventually, hours of misuse will damage your pimped up barrow beyond repair. On the plus side, there will be a 'wheelbarrow refuge point' in Earlham Park, so you won't have to drag it back from the Golden Triangle this year.

You'll end up flogging one of your mates LCR tickets on the exchange they'll be in bed by 8pm

Sigh, there's always one…