What does your favourite UEA Summer drink say about you?

Summertime is here and the weather hitting over 20 degrees, the square is full of students holding not pens, but drinks.

The sun always struggles to make up its mind in Norwich, but UEA students are already filling the square at every opportunity. Good weather is just another excuse added to the procrastination list and it seems like we are nailing it.

A few weeks ago, the SU bar repeatedly ran out of some drinks, which led us to believe students have some preferred drinks for the summer. But what does your favourite UEA summer drink say about you?


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It's Pimms o'clock people. Chances are that if you drink pimms, you're probably a middle class gal from the home counties whose dad buys her a box of 'hello fresh' whenever he visits. No need to be ashamed tho, everyone loves a refreshing fruity pimms on a hot day.


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Quintessentially UEA. Drinking snakebites at every opportunity you have, whether is square or LCR shows you are just content with life. Basic and following the multitude are key to your personality. Make sure not to spill it on your UEA hoodie.


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If you're drinking some Tinnies, your one of two people; a sports lad with a Calsberg or an edgy-type with a Red Stripe. Remember Sport lads, your mates are probably waiting for you to smash it on your head when you finish it and especially don't forget to touch your heart with it when you down the last bit, or you'll get in trouble.

Fruit Cider

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Cider is always a good choice for the summer as long as it's fruity (i.e. berries), you're too posh for a basic apple cider. Accordingly, you're probably an 18-year-old fresher who hasn't developed a taste for beer yet.