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Dirty beds and ‘prison’ food: UEA’s sports tour is a disaster

This is definitely not four star living

People have paid £350 to go to Croatia on sports tour this year with SportsVest – and they haven't got the four star experience they were promised.

UEA switched from the company ILoveTour this year, instead deciding on SportsVest to provide the tour experience, but SportsVest have been pretty much silent when it comes to addressing the issues this year.

'Prison food', stolen phones and dirty bedding are just some of the things that UEA students have been greeted with when they arrived in Croatia.

We spoke to some people who are currently out there now to find out how bad it really is.

People have described the food as prison food

SportsVest charged people £50 for half board, but in reality they've been served dry bread, cooked chicken from a basket. One person on Twitter described it as 'prison food'.

Emilie, who is on tour with UEA Water Polo said: "Basically the nights out have been unreal, but day to day it's grim. The food is absolutely stinking and hot water is very rare."

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Emilie's delicious dinner

Apparently there's a lack of vegetarian and vegan options

As if the dinners weren't already terrible enough, one person on Twitter has said SportsVest haven't accommodated for all dietary needs. Julie-Anne tweeted: "Also if you're celiac vegan etc the resort have not accommodated for you so pack food and ketchup."

Beds have been reported as period blood stained and the showers have little to no hot water

Gill told us not only has the food been grim, but the accommodation also. She claims there's period blood stained sheets and no hot water. Gill said: "Well the food is inedible, a girl on our team is lactose intolerant and a vegetarian so had dry bread and rice cakes for breakfast. The other option was a chocolate donuts.

She continued: "Our beds have period blood and lipstick stains on them, dirty used plasters in our cold shower and broken beds."

And some of the showers have flooded

Sports Vest have been contacted for a comment.

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