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Share the Christmas Spirit: Donate a Can for a good Cause

Don’t be a Scrooge, spare a tinny for a stranger in need

This season, spread the Christmas cheer by donating kitchen basics to the homeless in Norwich. UEA Baking Society and Don’t be a Wasteman are working with Norwich charity Anonymous Street to collect household goods and holiday gifts to hand out to the homeless community to share the festive spirit this Christmas. A collection box will be placed in the Hive next to UNIO from 5th-9th December,

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Rob Klim, Don't be a Wasteman campaigner told the Tab Norwich 'Our aim is to take students waste and turn it into treasure'. If you are able to donate, they are looking for any non-perishables your uni kitchens have to spare, including:

Pasta/ Chilli/ Curry sauces Tinned veg and fruit
Kidney beans/other tinned beans/ Tinned Tomatoes Tuna
Sandwich spreads-Jam, Peanut butter, any sandwich fillers Drinks- Bottled or Cartons
Shower gel, 2 in 1 Shampoo/conditioner Wet wipes Toothpaste Deodorant
Socks Rucksacks
Sleeping bags
First Aid kit – small

A spokesperson for the Anonymous Stream team said; “We rely on donations and want to make the Christmas period special for those that have nothing. We will welcome any everyday food that you no longer use. Any treats, including chocolate, biscuits and sweets as some suggestions. We also welcome male Secret Santa presents. All this will help to make someone feel like people do care for them over the festive season.”

Examples of ideal gifts

Equally, if (by some kind of Christmas miracle) you have any of your student loan left, Anonymous’ GofundMe page are also taking monetary donations: