Breaking: A student has just been arrested in the UEA Library

Five police officers came to arrest him

A UEA student has just been arrested in the Library on the UEA Campus.

The male student was arrested on the ground floor of the library. The five police present were in the library for almost three minutes before they escorted the student out through the front entrance.

The incident took place at approximately 15:00 today. Sarah, who was studying on the ground floor at the time of the arrest told The Tab Norwich: “I was doing my summative work when five police officers came into the library. They handcuffed and escorted out a young male student”.

When The Tab Norwich approached Library staff for comment, they responded they were not allowed to comment.

Another eye witness, David, told The Tab Norwich: “The arrested student looked completely shocked and unaware. The situation looked pretty serious.”

Since the incident Twitter has been flooded with eye witness accounts.

Although there have been speculations on Twitter as to the cause of the arrest the actual reason is still unknown.

The Tab Norwich have contacted the local police, as well as the UEA Union, and are awaiting more information.

UPDATE: 16:50

Norfolk Constabulary have confirmed a 20-year-old male was arrested in the library, in connection with "serious assault".

The said: "Police were called around 2.45pm to the University and detained a 20-year-old male in connection with a serious assault."