Where you sit in The Square says a lot about who you are

If you don’t sit in The Square, do you even go here?

The Square. The hub of UEA. The central location that you always use to meet a friend. But UEA students know their place when it comes to the landmark. It’s like being back in high school where playgrounds and lunch halls had unspoken rules about who sat where.

Here's a whistle-stop tour of what your chosen seat in The Square says about you.

Under the multifaith centre

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Probably showing off all your wavy garms from the last vintage weigh and pay.

Ciggerate in hand. 80s shell jacket on show. You consider yourself an outsider that no one understands. You’re 'edgy'. When in reality the overhang of the multifaith centre building just acts as a convenient cover to hide the fact that in reality you're a middle class, creative writing student that has everything done for them.

On the steps

"Shall we go bar?" – every student goes weak at the knees when they hear this sentence. Using the Square as an extension of the bar where they can drink their snakey b's outside for everyone to see. In summer evenings the middle of The Square is just filled with sunglasses-cladded students with a bev in hand hiding their blood-shocked eyes from the stress of summatives and exams. Sitting right in the middle of The Square means that everyone can see that you’re a social butterfly with a plethora of friends. Why hide away at the back? You look popular af so why not show that off by sitting right in the middle.

Right at the back

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Just look at your phone to make it seem like you have a social life.

You’re either waiting for someone or you’ve got no friends. There’s no in between. Sitting at the back of the Square allows you to be shaded by the concrete buildings behind and stops you from feeling exposed to the hordes of students who you subconsciously feel are judging you for being by yourself. So it's the perfect spot to eat you SU shop meal deal in that lonely hour gap you have to yourself between lectures.

But lets be honest, you spend your time creepily scouting out the students on campus, after-all you do have the best view.

On the walkway by the hive

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You’re only really standing here if you’re watching something that’s happening in The Square like Pimp My Barrow or Derby Day. So seriously if you’re just standing there looking over on a normal day, you do just look like a creepy people watcher. My advice – head to the back of the square. Don’t be weird.

In the middle of the fountain

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Here's Tony hoping for a banging Tuesday sesh. Literally.

You live life on the edge. A risk taker. Or you're just desperate to pull next Tuesday. It's more than likely the latter.

One day Tony…