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New LCR night ‘Hoopla’ only sold 268 tickets on its opening night

Even the attraction of Big Cook and Little Cook wasn’t enough

Last Friday was the launch night of the SU's newest LCR night, Hoopla with guest DJs Big Cook and Little Cook. Yet, despite quite the buzz around the night it seems it massively under performed.

Speaking to the Tab Norwich, a Union spokesperson told us that 268 tickets were sold in total – although as a trial night they aimed to sell 300 tickets. The LCR can normally hold over 1,500 people on any normal given club night.

In fact, students were so disappointed some even took to Concrete Confessions page to voice their annoyance.

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Uh oh.

Commenting on the new night, SU Campaigns and Democracy Officer Jack Robinson said: “Whilst attendance at Friday’s Hoopla event fell just short of our aims, it was never meant to be as big as Damn Good or A-List and we’re pleased with how it went.

"Club nights take a while to build, and the call for this occasional night focussed on fun comes direct from student feedback. We’d encourage anyone with a great idea for an event or night to get in touch as we continue in our aim to diversify the events programme both on campus and at the Waterfront.”