A charity are organising a ‘sleep out’ in aid of the homeless of Norwich this Friday

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Norwich's homelessness problem is worse than ever and young people between the ages of 16-25 make up a massive proportion of those affected. Most students fit within the age bracket, and like most students those young adults affected by homelessness are in the most part driven from homes due to family breakdowns, and a quarter of young homeless people are LGBT people kicked out by backward families, through no fault of their own.

On November 17th, homelessness charity The Benjamin Foundation will be organising a 'sleep out', where people can volunteer to spend a night 'sleeping rough' in the car park of the Eastern Daily Press if they donate £10 to the charity.

Chris Elliot, Marketing and Fundraising Manager for The Benjamin Foundation, explains that they have space to help "100 young people in our accomodation in Norfolk and Suffolk", although their accomodation is always full.

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They need to keep the funds up as "any money raised helps us do what we do", in supporting, housing and caring for these young people. The more fundraising however, the better as "there are always more young people than we can support".

Chris goes on to explain that due to austerity measures, Norwich City Council have been forced ton cut back on supporting young people left in this predicament, leaving more of them on the streets. The last event the charity put on attracted 110 people to spend a night sleeping outside, and they would like to attract even more people this time round.

So please sign up, do your bit, get on the Virgin fundraising page and share it on all of your social media platforms and profiles and rake in the dollars for a most timely and local cause.

Perhaps it sounds cheesy but give someone else a more meaningful early Christmas present than a Lynx Africa shower set, please do your bit.

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