Fuck tall History boy, everyone wants to take short English Literature girl on a date now

The plot thickens…

After a heart wrenching few days seeing a love story shatter into a million pieces, it is being proven that there is still some good in this cruel cruel world.

Tall History boy proved himself to be a complete and utter fuckboy, but we shall not fret. Countless people have been posting confessions out to short English lit girl offering themselves up for a date.

This first one comes from 'opportunistic PPL guy'

He thinks she sounds cute!!

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'Kinda tall' Chemistry guy up next

This is actually the cutest thing. Kinda tall Chemistry guy the world needs more people like you.

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Then there's foundation guy who likes a black Americano

Saying what we all think, short English lit girl does deserve someone who appreciates her taste in coffee.

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And Medium English Lit girl!! (Together with short English lit girl it sounds like a rap lyric)

THIS IS ALSO SO CUTE. She's offering short English lit girl multiple hot drinks options and the romance that has been denied so far.

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When we spoke to short English lit girl, she said: "I'm just going to wait and see if any of them have the balls to message me."

Our gal has plenty of choices – let's hope one of these has a better ending than the last!