Every club stereotype you experience on a night out in Norwich

You’ve probably had the exact same night


Mantra, the rival to Mercy and part of the never ending jeans or dress debate. On your average Thursday, Mantra is packed half full of jeans and a nice top, and half full of body-cons and heels.

If you've got one, your student wristband will pave way for the rounds of tequila rosé and Jägerbombs. If you're, a girl you'll probably run quickly through the upstairs to get away from the sofa lurking old men in the blue Ralph Lauren T-shirts shouting “hey darling”.

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Buttoned up and ready to go

Downstairs you have the die-hard Stormzy fans and the nerds that go out once a week. You’ll end up spending half your time in the smoking area (nicknamed the ‘secret garden’), only to find out in the last thirty minutes there’s a bar there too.


The one and only. The UEA campus club is the place to be twice a week every week. It doesn’t judge and anything goes, especially with a VK in hand. The fancy dress is always on point, but no one will ever leave with a full costume intact, so you better protect those bunny ears.

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Toga party!

You'll complain the tunes are repeated every week, yet you'll still claim it is 'lit’. You’ll get the people who go crazy when Mr. Brightside is played for the third time and the people who lurk on the steps eyeing the crowd for their next victim. Its gender neutral toilets are a gift and a curse – you'll always contemplate them as an easy option to tick off one of the elusive five L’s, but probably never will.

It’s a classic, and if you don’t see at least one person throw up or get thrown out, have you even been?

Mercy (XS)

Mercy, the evil step sister to Mantra and the place to be on a Friday, if you can afford the entry fee that is. Swap the Bench tops for some Burberry boat shoes and the jeans for a revealing dress and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

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Looks like a fire hazard to me

You'll see it all: Fire breathing, aerial performances, and the epic Holi paint party events.

There are always those girls in their tight skirts in the bathroom viciously reapplying their lipstick, the moshers on the dance floor sweating away the alcohol, and the boys in the VIP booth with the bottle of Cîroc, but were you even there if you didn’t get a pic?


Commonly referred to as ‘Props’, on your average Friday and Saturday the crowds are mostly UEA and NUA students who rock the edgy and punk vibes. People have whacked on their coveted band t-shirts and their festival bands from four years ago to flock to the land of alternative music.

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If you know, you know

In the words of Janis Ian, you’ve got your classic hipsters, your pretend goths, your fake band groupies, your ripped fishnet tights, your dark eye make-up, the Doc Martins and the high pony tails.

When you get bored of the same old downstairs playlist, you'll probably go upstairs and talk about reliving your I <3 My Chemical Romance goth days. Inevitably you'll get caught out by the minimum card payment of £10 and either be forced to buy extra drinks or head to the cash point for those VK.


Saved the best for last, if you haven’t heard of it, where have you been? The one and only answer to when you're not ready to go home yet is Loft.

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Good vibes all round.

Although Loft flies the rainbow flag it's open to all walks of life. You will always snap a 'place pic' on the aeroplane seats and you'll see someone white girl wasted on the dance floor.

With no dress code and just entry of £1, you will probably have the best and cheapest night here before eventually stumbling into Olive Tree at 6am.

Photo credits: Mantra, LCR, Mercy, Propaganda, LOFT.