Every picture you’ll see on a UEA student’s Instagram

Square, lake, rabbit, repeat…

The Ziggurats

‘The sky turns red’

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Everyone who lives in the Ziggs will always let you know that they live in the Ziggs, and even people who don't live there will post multiple pictures of them on multiple social media accounts.

The Lake

There is never a time when this lake isn't beautifully photogenic✨ #uea #lake #alwaysperfect #sunset

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The lake is undeniably beautiful on a sunny day, but it's as if people have never seen a large body of water before the amount that it's photographed.

Library views

Library views pictures pop up you leave everyone wandering how you managed to find the picture perfect spot while they're stuck staring at a concrete wall.

Tuesday LCR fancy dress

After the first couple of weeks of first year most people will give up on the Damn Good themes, but before that happens there'll be some classic Insta's with some questionable creations.

Realistically, you're more worried about getting a t-shirt at the end of the night rather than what you look like.

The Loft aeroplane seats

Aeroplane or club ????

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The aeroplane seats in Loft are where some of the deepest and most meaningful conversations at UEA happen. Guaranteed after an awful attempt at karaoke downstairs and a good old boogie to the Spice Girls, you'll need a little sit down to strawpedo those rare Strawberry and Lime VKs.

Pimp My Barrow

#PowerRangers and Hamish #pimpmybarrow2017

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Pimp My Barrow is the biggest day in the UEA calendar, it's surprising Instagram doesn't crash because of all the posts in Norwich on that day. Lol.

The Village sign

Goodbye to the most amazing second year🌟 #2down1togo

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All the village melts will have a picture, probably commemorating the "best year ever"… but really was it the best year, having a kitchen the size of a cardboard box and being the furthest accommodation from the LCR.

Pres in campus accommodation

Nelson Court family 👹🍻❤️

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Seeing these pictures pop up will induce deep deep sadness to all second and third years, missing their shitty kitchens with no ovens that you could trash every weekend.

The Square

uni? Completed it mate

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The Square is the place to be on a sunny day with a snakebite in hand and boy do UEA students love to let people know. Never again will you come across a better place to sit and chat shit all afternoon instead of doing actual uni work.