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Exclusive: Akon asks ‘pretty single ladies’ to dance and twerk on stage at 14+ gig

He was playing in Norwich SU

Girls were picked out from the crowd to dance on stage at Akon's performance at the LCR on Saturday night.

Allegedly Akon's entourage were asking for "pretty girls" from the 14+ audience to come on stage to dance.

Tay, who was at the gig, told The Tab Norwich the girls were being encouraged to twerk whilst on the stage. Tay commented: "It was a 14+ event and the DJ and Akon were picking ‘pretty single ladies’ from the crowd to come up on stage and twerk. It was like old school groupies."

Last night was crazy in Norwich. @ogboodirty had them bunnys going crazy!! #konvictkarteltour

A post shared by Akon (@akon) on Oct 29, 2017 at 8:48am PDT

Audience members who attended the gig took to social media to show their shock and disappointment at the 44-year-olds performance.

One person expressed their disappointment that "Norfolks worst" were "hoisted on stage shaking what they haven't got Instagramming themselves all evening!"

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Many who when to the gig were not impressed by the show

This doesn't look like this is the first occasion Akon has allowed and encouraged this behaviour at his gigs. 10 years ago he was made to apologise after dry humping 14-year-old girl on stage.

People have also taken to Twitter to comment on his recent gigs:

A spokesperson from UEA Union said: "We are unable to identify anything specifically inappropriate that took place via the cameras and we don't have any record of a customer raising a concern or complaint with a member of staff on the night.

"There is a live debate about whether to completely ban artists from bringing large number of customers onto stage given it makes it harder to identify an issue but that's where we are."

An SU spokesperson further added today: “Although the gig was 14+, stage access was tightly controlled by experienced security staff briefed to prevent anyone looking under 21 from coming up.

"Whilst we received no complaints on the night and can find no evidence of problematic behaviour on stage, we are reviewing our policies on live music acts which encourage stage access by customers."

The Tab Norwich have requested a comment from Akon's representatives.