Video: Norwich South MP Clive Lewis in sexism storm

Video footage shows Lewis saying “get on your knees, b*tch” at a Momentum rally

A video posted to YouTube this morning (October 20th) appears to show Clive Lewis MP telling an audience member to "get on your knees, bitch", at a Momentum rally in Brighton. Although at this moment it is unclear whether he was directing it at a male or female audience member.

Lewis is the MP for the constituency in which the vast majority of UEA students live, having served as the member for Norwich South since 2015.

Responding to the news, India Edwards, Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer for UEA SU, said:

“There are no circumstances under which behaviour like this is acceptable. 'Banter' like this, especially from someone in public office is simply Never OK.

"I’m proud to say that if this rally was being held in the LCR we’d have had him removed."

Commenting further, UEA SU Women's Officer Amy Atkinson said:

“There remain huge gender imbalances in leadership in public life, and what’s needed from MPs is leadership in making politics and political events more diverse– not childish public sexualised misogyny.

"Clive needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and think about what he’ll now do to win back the trust of student voters that imagined him to be progressive, when he appears in this video to be nothing of the sort.”

Lewis took to Twitter to apologise, although is yet to release an official statement regarding the incident.

With Lewis set to appear alongside Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn at an event in Norwich this weekend, it is likely that an official party statement regarding his actions will be released later today.