Gemma Collins is coming to Norwich

Everybody stay calm

Gemma Collins, aka the one true Queen, aka 'memay' master, aka the hero we all needed, is making a visit to our fine city in November. You'd probably have to be living under a rock not to have heard to be honest.

She's graced our TV screens for years on TOWIE, but has recently found a special place in the nation's hearts by being an absolute legend in everything she does. Wether it be showing us new products on her fire insta account, or being the single most relatable person to ever exist, she's killing the game right now.

And finally, all of our dreams have come true. The babe is doing an appearance at the Cabana Club on November 10th, where you'll have photo opportunities and student drinks prices all night.

Tickets are available here.

University of East Anglia